Why is it so expensive?

Why is it so expensive? – importance of surveying and importance of hiring a professional

Land surveys can seem expensive especially when you have no idea what you are really getting. Land surveying is more than walking along the edge of your property and putting out a few little orange flags. There is a science and art to the process when it is completed accurately. Most people needing a land survey are on the verge of purchasing a property or making an improvement—both of which require a large upfront investment. At Terra Services, we understand that a land survey may seem like another costly hoop to jump through, but we are happy to show you how a land survey is well-worth the investment.

Reasons for Survey Expenses

Time Invested—Each property has unique challenges which will impact the cost of the land survey. The time needed to complete the job could be impacted by a variety of factors such as:

  • Size of the Land Parcel—The bigger your property, the longer the survey will take. The longer it takes, the more expensive the cost.
  • Tree/Foliage Coverage—If our crew must navigate and cut through thick brush to get to the back of your property, we will require more time to finish the job.
  • Corner vs. Line Marking—On a smaller property, marking the corners may be sufficient for getting a clear picture of your parcel. However, larger properties or densely wooded properties may not allow you to see from corner to corner. Line marking along the property lines will be crucial for understanding your boundaries. Line marking obviously will take more time and materials than corner marking alone.
  •  Location of Your Property—If your land requires a long trip from our office, our time spent in the car will add up.
  • Age of Property—Generally speaking, land with newer construction is faster to evaluate than a property with improvements 60+ years old.

Money/Time Invested—All surveys begin with time consuming research and the logistics of obtaining deeds, plats and tax records from the office of the clerk of superior court at the local court house. Beyond that, proper land surveying requires a variety of advanced tools. We invest in superior tools, so that we can always deliver superior results. Depending on the scope of your job, we may have to rent or purchase specialized equipment to complete the survey.

Expertise Invested—At Terra Services, we have over 20 years of experience in land surveying. Not only can you feel confident in us based upon our experience, but we are led by a Georgia Registered Professional Land Surveyor with professional membership in the SAMSOG (Surveying and Mapping Society of Georgia). Hiring a proven professional is worth the expense because the possible expenses by skipping a land survey or utilizing a less qualified surveyor add up quickly. If the surveyor marks your property improperly, you could end up in a legal dispute with your neighbor over your improvement being on their land.

Land surveys may seem pricey, but the information yielded by a professional survey will be beneficial for understanding your property and planning for future improvements. If you are interested in scheduling a land survey, give Terra Services a call! We will complete a thorough land survey that will be worth every dollar you invest.