Land Surveying vs. Construction Surveying

A surveyor plays a vital role in planning whether for construction or land purposes. A land surveying company could offer construction surveying and land surveying, or they could choose a specialization. Both construction surveyors and land surveyors must be educated as well as licensed by the state to practice their important work. If you are unsure of the differences between the daily work of a land surveyor and a construction surveyor, read on for a better understanding from your land surveying team at Terra Services.

What is a Land Surveyor and What Do They Do?

On a basic level, a land surveyor is a certified professional who determines the boundaries of a property and marks them. A land surveyor will also note the topography, elevation, slope, utilities, easements, structures, etc. as well. A properly completed land survey will have all the data collected and combined into a clear and understandable report, which can deepen your understanding of your property. There are a variety of reasons to need a land surveyor, but most commonly, people will seek land surveys prior to improving/developing their property as well as when they are seeking financing.

What Does a Construction Surveyor Do?

A construction surveyor helps determine the best place for the intended construction project. The surveyor may be intimately involved in the construction project all the way to the end to ensure success. Ultimately, the construction surveyor is responsible for making sure the structure is built following the intended measurements and secured on a firm level foundation. A construction surveyor is especially vital to new construction projects.

Can a Land Surveyor Do Construction Surveying without Specializing in it?

Yes, a land surveyor will be certified to do any type of surveying. Having a company with experience or a specialization in construction can be beneficial when available though.

At Terra Services, we are experienced with general land surveying as well as construction surveying. Whether you are a homeowner looking for a land survey before placing a fence or a landowner ready to start a construction project, our team has the experience and equipment to help make your project a success.